First suspected case of black fungus investigated in Honduras

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Health Secretary (Sesal) confirmed that Honduras is investigating the first suspected case of black mushroom in the territory. This disease, registered in the India, and known as (mucormycosis), has killed hundreds of recovered from covid-19.

Alba Flores, Minister of Health, detailed this Saturday: “We already have the first suspected case (of black fungus). We will report next week on the evolution of that patient and, above all, the approach that Sesal will make to face the situation “.

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He stressed that the patient remains under constant surveillance. He is a person from Tegucigalpa and was treated, in the first instance, in San Pedro Sula. However, for now, more details are unknown and it will be until the official version emerges that the implications of the suspicion for the disease are known.

“Our entire technical team is working to do an analysis, but (the patient) is being treated very well,” Flores said in statements to a radio station in the capital.

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Meanwhile, in recent days, the president of the Honduran Medical College (CMH), Suyapa Figueroa, said that educational sessions are being organized on the detection of similar infections, as well as their treatment and approach.

What is black fungus?

“It is a very ubiquitous fungus, which is found in different environments, on plants, on walls, in the hairs of the bread fungus, which comes out when left in the open, etc. It is a not very aggressive fungus, which rarely causes diseases in humans. In general, it causes it in patients who have low defenses or in patients with very decompensated diabetes “, describes the Chilean doctor Mauricio Ruiz.

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Presence in Latin America

There are already cases in Uruguay, Brazil, Chile and Mexico, however, it is not ruled out that the fungus has proliferated, such as covid-19, in all the countries of the region.

It’s contagious?

In the first instance, the medical-scientific community ensures that a patient with this pathology does not infect others. It is not passed from one person to another. Meanwhile, it is known that climatic-meteorological conditions can provide the fungus with conditions to develop easily.

A patient is evaluated and monitored in Tegucigalpa, on suspicion of the disease that has killed hundreds of people in India.


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