First reclining cinema in the Netherlands opened: ‘Falling to sleep is not a problem’

The Beddenbioscoop is – not unexpectedly – ​​full of beds, because: “There is no place more comfortable to watch a film than your bed”, creator Joep Verbunt told EditieNL. “At the same time, there is no better location to experience a film than the cinema. If you bring these two together, we believe we have found the golden combination.”

Until June 23, there will be fifteen box springs in the cinema on which visitors can lie and watch a film from bed. Wonderfully relaxing, you may think, but how do you stay awake? For many it will be difficult to watch a movie at home on the couch without falling asleep. How do you do that from a comfortable bed?

Muscles relax

According to neurologist and somnologist of the OLVG Kristel Kasius, staying awake will still be a challenge for some. “We don’t work sitting or standing for nothing. When you lie down, your muscles relax and your concentration is less, so you can fall asleep more easily,” she tells EditieNL. “When you sit or stand, you tense your muscles and you fall asleep less quickly.”

She therefore thinks that people will certainly fall asleep in the reclining cinema. This is not only due to the lying position, but also due to the background noise. “Children – especially young children – sleep even better when something moves or there is background noise. It has to do with how it used to be in the womb. The ‘womb effect’ has disappeared in adults, but some are still sleeping easier with a buzz in the background. If there are very sudden sounds like a movie, they will wake up.”

But if the whole theater will soon be asleep, what’s the advantage of a reclining cinema? According to the creator, there is a commercial reason behind it, because it is organized by a bed brand. “If they fall asleep, that’s no problem, of course, because that means the beds are good.”