First push of warm air: what to expect? When is the rain?

Is this an exceptional phenomenon?

No, we will rather speak of a fairly classic phenomenon. ” Even if it is true that we often have these first summer outbreaks during the second decade of May “explains Christophe Mertz.

To experience such heat in the first ten days of May, you have to go back to 2018 with a mercury of 26.7 degrees in Uccle. And in terms of records, we have to go back to 1976, with a value of 31 degrees recorded at the reference station, Uccle.

For the rest of our week, starting Wednesday, the mercury will drop a little. We expect 23 degrees under a spring sky. And if you don’t like the heat, you’ll have to wait until Thursday and Friday. The air will be a little cooler with the return of a more maritime flow linked to a westerly wind which will lower temperatures.

With this heat, will the drought get worse?

Certainly. This dry and calm weather has already prevailed for three weeks. He will continue to accompany us at least for the next seven days. Result: the gradual drying of the soil intensifies. Currently, the soils are extremely dry in Western Hainaut and part of Flanders. This situation is likely to get worse. No rain drop is expected for ten days. The drought will therefore spread to the entire province of Hainaut, the province of Namur, the Brabants, the province of Liège and also almost the entire north of the country. The situation therefore needs to be monitored.



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