In support of the recent iX3, BMW is currently refining the development of another fully electric SUV which should arrive in 2021 or 2022. Based on the first stolen photos and teasers communicated by the brand, already offers us a vision of this future iX.

In mid-July, BMW lifted the veil on its second fully electric model after the aging but still dapper i3. A new iX3 which is none other than a 100% electric variant of the X3 and which does not even try to hide it given the resemblance between the two models. But this electrified “3” won’t be the Bavarian’s only “zero emission” SUV for long. For several months now, the iNext concept has shown that another electric model, also leggy, will come to lend a hand. This model, our Spanish colleagues from chose to baptize it iX and even decided, on the basis of the first stolen photos, to imagine its silhouette.

Series 4 grille

Even if the first prototypes are still well camouflaged, the treatment chosen for this covering, on the front, suggests that the next BMW electric model will take over the new grille of the new 4 Series and M3. The illustrators did not hesitate to take it for granted. The proportions should be a bit more imposing than the iX3, so that these two models stand out at first glance. Ditto inside, as the first teasers released by BMW already showed. The steering wheel will indeed be closer to that of the i3 while the multimedia screen, curved, should reach a size never seen on a Munich production.

BMW wants to introduce curved screens into car interiors with the iNext.
BMW wants to introduce curved screens into car interiors with the iNext.© BMW

Lots of horses and autonomy

The technical data are still kept secret but this iX should probably be better equipped than the recent iX3 which nevertheless has a useful 74 kWh battery and a 286 hp engine. Our colleagues mention a battery with a capacity between 90 and 120 kWh and an electric motor developing up to 530 hp in its most powerful version for autonomy theoretically climbing around 600 km. No certainty, for now, as to the veracity of this technical information, but the aesthetic approached by the illustration seems, it, quite close to what to expect. The launch of this iX is expected at the end of 2021, or even 2022.

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