First fake vaccination passports emerged in Bavaria – LKA determined

With the relaxation of the corona for vaccinated people, there are also the first scams: fake vaccination cards and certificates. In Bavaria, too, false IDs have already appeared.

The first forged vaccination passports are in circulation in Bavaria. “We are currently aware of a low double-digit number of proceedings or reports,” said the State Criminal Police Office (LKA) in Munich on request. As a survey by the German Press Agency among the Bavarian police headquarters showed, the falsified corona vaccination certificates that have emerged so far are unevenly distributed across the country.

Most of the cases – namely five – reported to the Munich Police Headquarters, but without giving details.

Handover to the parking lot

According to a spokesman, the police headquarters in Swabia South / West in Kempten registered “a low single-digit number of procedures in connection with forged vaccination passports or proofs of vaccination”. One of the cases accordingly occurred in early May in the current Corona hotspot Memmingen: There, a stranger is said to have “given a man in front of a supermarket a fake replacement certificate for a corona vaccination” – without asking for anything in return. “The background of the facts are currently the subject of the investigation,” said the police.

In Upper Franconia, the police have been investigating a fake Corona vaccination certificate since the beginning of the month. According to the information provided by the Bureau, a television reporter had informed the police of a fake vaccination certificate from the vaccination center in Hof, which he had ordered on the Internet. This is an insert sheet for the well-known yellow vaccination card. Since the evidence, presumably from an internet shop, contained a false stamp from the vaccination center in Hof and other falsified information, a police spokesman said that documents were being falsified.

Flood of advertisements expected

From the police headquarters of Upper Bavaria South in Rosenheim it was said: “So far, this has not been a big issue for us.” A spokesman said: “We had one or two suspected cases in the context of the veil manhunt. Passports have already appeared that could possibly be forged.”

The police headquarters of Upper Palatinate, Upper Bavaria North, Swabian North and Lower Franconia reported: No known cases. The Lower Bavaria and Middle Franconia praesidia were initially unable to provide any information, as cases were not recorded electronically.

The Munich I public prosecutor’s office expects a flood of reports for falsified corona vaccination certificates in the future. Vaccination cards are currently “probably the hottest counterfeit goods”. A forged vaccination certificate can be easily obtained on internet platforms such as Telegram.

Easily produce counterfeits

“The prices that have become known so far for fake vaccination cards with a registered Covid-19 vaccination are in the high two-digit to low three-digit range per item, depending on the offer,” said the LKA. “In some cases ‘special offers’ are offered in the case of additional purchases.”

The forgery of a complete vaccination pass or even just the proof of vaccination in a real passport is very easy, said a spokeswoman for the public prosecutor’s office. Blank vaccination records can be ordered quite legally on the Internet, and doctor’s stamps are also easy to get online. It has also happened that “fake stamps were created by vaccination centers and then sent”.

And the forgery of the batch numbers is not a major obstacle: “The batch numbers with which the entry of the corona vaccination must be provided can be found by the counterfeiters from the countless pictures in the social networks that freshly vaccinated people post from their vaccination records.”