First estimates: Badger Meter takes stock of the past quarter | 10/02/20

Badger Meter is expected to announce the figures for the quarter ended on September 30, 2020 on October 16, 2020.

4 analysts assume an average earnings per share of 0.373 USD. In the prior-year quarter, earnings per share were $ 0.440.

On the sales side, 4 analysts expect a decline of 7.56 percent compared to sales in the previous year. The experts forecast an average turnover of 100.4 million USD. In the same period last year, there were still USD 108.7 million on the books.

Looking at the current fiscal year, 5 analysts expect earnings per share of USD 1.49 on average, compared to USD 1.61 the previous year. With regard to sales, 4 analysts assume on average that in the current fiscal year a total of 402.5 million USD will be converted, compared to 424.6 million USD in the previous year. editors