A teacher in his thirties, suffering from depression, forced to call the SAMU half a dozen times in a week before being hospitalized. He died there, as a result of Covid-19 … “People who are really in great distress, in difficulty breathing, they speak much less well”, had answered the SAMU. Arrived at the hospital, he will be sent directly to intensive care, in view of his respiratory distress.

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A couple in their seventies in an nursing home. The woman desperately tries to alert staff to her husband’s condition. The establishment, judging its attitude “Alarmist” and “Harmful”, proposes to send her back to her children for the ” to separate “ of her husband. The family ends up obtaining, with a hard fight, the hospitalization of the old man, suffering from Covid, then of the woman, also ill. The two end up dying of it, two weeks apart.

An autonomous nonagenarian, in nursing home, presents serious symptoms of Covid-19. Her son urges hospitalization. A nurse requests the SAMU and hears herself say: “She’s 93, isn’t she?” (…) So she will not be hospitalized. (…) There are a lot of people who don’t understand, but she won’t go to the ER. (…) You must contact the doctor, he will give you instructions so that it evolves in comfort. “

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These chilling episodes – and ten others – are recorded in the complaint against X with the constitution of civil party for “Neglect causing death”, “Violence resulting in death without intention of giving it”, « discrimination » and “Interference with care” including twenty-eight parents or beneficiaries of thirteen people who died of Covid-19 seized, with the Coronavictimes association, Friday, July 24, the dean of the investigating judges of the judicial court of Paris.

“Because of their age, isolation or physical condition or psychic preexisting, these thirteen people did not have access to adapted care which could have saved them ”, explains Me Anaïs Mehiri, the lawyer who filed this collective complaint.

“Deadly strategy”

In the 32-page document that The world consulted, the complainants denounce a “Strategy” consisting, according to them, to “ leave the suffering at home or in a reception structure [Ehpad] until they reach critical health ”. They reproach thus «Un tri» operated on their loved ones.

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