First Chinese World Chess Champion: Ding wins tiebreak

First Chinese World Chess Champion: Ding wins tiebreak



The Chinese prevailed against the Russian Nepomnjaschtsch.

Ding Liren was the first Chinese to secure the title of world chess champion. With a 2.5:1.5 win in the tie-break, the 30-year-old beat the Russen Jan Nepomnjaschtschi through. The previous World Champion Magnus Carlsen from Norway had decided against defending their title. In 2021 he had won the World Cup duel against Nepomnjaschtschi prematurely.

The 32-year-old Nepomnyashchi had won the second, fifth and seventh game. Ding equalized in the fourth, sixth and twelfth game and in the end chose to have strong nerves 17th world champion in chess history.

( agencies ) | Today, -114 minutes ago

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