Fire in Cerro de La Silla in Nuevo León is attended by authorities; see images

Fire in Cerro de La Silla, it is presumed, could have been caused. Photo: @PC_NuevoLeon

Between Sunday night and early Monday morning, a fire in Cerro de La Sillain New Lionwhich caused the inhabitants to be alerted, as well as a rapid mobilization of the different emergency bodies in the state. More than one videoas well as various images of the incident, they became viral in the social networks.

What caused the fire in Cerro de La Silla?

Not long ago, several in Monterrey they rejoiced and celebrated because it was finally raining; however, now through his account on Twitter, Civil protection of New Lion announced the immediate attention to the fire registered in this region of the state. At the moment, the authority indicated, the exact causes that caused the fire in Cerro de La Silla; although, it was added that it is presumed that it could have been provoked.

How was the progress of the forest fire?

“The brigade members, with the support of Guadalupe Civil Protection, PC Juárez, Guadalupe Firefighters, carried out ascent to a safe zone to monitor the progress of the forest fire. The incident began on a rock that is difficult to access and is moving towards the lower part, affecting low scrub.”

Civil Protection of Nuevo León

Who participates in the fire suppression tasks?

After the report generated by this incident, different emergency bodies They went to the area to start with the support and suffocation tasks:

  • Civil protection New Lion
  • Civil protection Guadalupe
  • Civil protection Juárez

Are there residents near the incident area?

Civil protection of New Lion indicated that at the moment there is no risk of spreading the fire in Cerro de La Sillaand the closest colony is 2 kilometers away, it is the Colonia Almaguer.

At the moment, there is no more information about the authoritiesso it is unknown if there is anyone who has required any medical support, or if an alleged perpetrator is being investigated. fuego generated.

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