Fiona passed on her taste for adventure to her grandmother: “No one should end their life facing a blank wall”

In 2018,Fiona Lauriol receives a call laconic of the nursing home in which his grandmother 101 years old is placed: “Your granny has a week to live.”

The thirty-year-old decides to take her grandma out of the home and takes her home. For weeks, she learns to take care of an incontinent and completely dependent elderly person.

“After six months, my grandma had regained her strength and colors. I had withdrawn his pills, little by little. JI went back to her room and Iai as she was staring at the wall. I told myself that it was not possible to end your life like that.

Fiona then a crazy idea: take her 101-year-old grandmother on a trip in a motorhome. “I was told I was crazy and it was impossible…but we did it.”

For two years, Fiona and her grandmother explored southern Europe in a motorhome.

Before living this adventure, I thought it was necessary to leave the elderly warm, not to rush them. My grandmother showed me just the opposite.

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