Fine for carrying a wild boar on the roof of his Peugeot 205

Sport The Civil Guard is investigating a driver who was transporting a wild boar on the roof of his Peugeot 205, a very dangerous behavior that implies a significant fine.

Thanks to social networks, we can see scenes as surreal as the one recorded by a user who was driving behind a Peugeot 205 with a boar on the roof. An imprudence that, logically, will cost him a more to the hunter

The Civil Guard is already investigating the case, since driving around with an animal of these dimensions and more than 100 kg tied to the ceiling of a vehicle constitutes a serious imprudence, although there is no jurisprudence in this regard in the Spanish legal system.

As it is a dead animal, the existing regulations for the transport of live animals cannot be applied, but that of the transportation of large objects in a car. Now, this driver is facing a significant fine.

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Sport Fine for carrying a wild boar on the roof of his Peugeot 205


He drives with a dead wild boar tied to the roof of a Peugeot 205

The legislation on the transport of large objects establishes that passenger cars are not intended for the transport of bulky objects and, in case of doing so, it is necessary to proceed in the correct way and using the corresponding signage.

That is, the object cannot exceed the width of the vehicle marked by the mirrors and can overtake the rear a 10% of the length of the car or 15% if it is an invisible object.

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In addition, you must include the signal V-20 to identify the load, which must be placed at the rear end and perpendicular to the axis of the vehicle. Finally, the load must be perfectly tied and protected to avoid possible detachment.

Sport very dangerous behavior

The fine for violating this rule ranges from between 200 and 500 eurosplus the withdrawal of four points of the card However, the amount could be much higher, since the regulations could also be applied to the driver for reckless driving and, in this case, the sanction is 600 euros and the loss of six points from the card.

Sanctions aside, the DGT emphasizes the danger that behaviors like this entail. Transporting an animal of these dimensions and weight can cause the roof to collapse or even cause the car to overturn easily in a curve.



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