Find these 200 lire immediately and become rich: here are what. PHOTO

The history of the Italian lira remains among the most interesting in the complex and diversified context of European currencies: in almost 200 years of “career”, the lira has changed a lot, both in the value and in the appearance of its coins and banknotes. One of the most widespread and well-known in the last decades of the last century is certainly the 200 lire, famous for its golden color, caused by the composition made of bronzital, a bronze alloy.

Common issue

The 200 lire was minted continuously from 1977 until 2001, undergoing practically no aesthetic changes. From a collector’s point of view it represents a sort of “anomaly” given that despite having had an “average” purchasing power from the beginning, perfectly halfway between 50 and 100 lire and 500 bimetallic lire, it has had numerous commemorative issues, but as these are considerably widespread, they are not particularly relevant in terms of rarity.

The best known is the 200 lire standardcalled Work due to the presence of a gear with the value of the coin inside, and with the year of minting below it. The other side is characterized by a woman’s head looking to the right, with the author’s signature at the bottom M. Valluccipresent as per tradition, at the bottom on the same side.

Find these 200 lire immediately and become rich: here are what. PHOTO

The rarest 200 lire are the first, indeed the very first, dated 1977, specifically those that are part of the series Trial and are recognizable by the writing on the right side, in small. There are around 1500 of these coins and they were used at the time just like trial for the version that went into production shortly after. They are the rarest and most interesting, as a specimen of Trial it can be worth up to 850 euros if in perfect condition, even if the value is halved for a slightly less “perfect” coin. Although it is rare to find these specimens, it is not so impossible: better to search extensively!



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