American singer, Demi adjourned, very happy, announces wonderful news to her fans, and shares her engagement on social networks.

While the former Disney star Channel came back from afar two years ago, following a heroin overdose which had almost cost her her life, a serious accident which reflected her ill-being which had pushed her to drug addiction and bulimia for several years, today the singer appears to be the happiest woman in the world, alongside the love of her life.

For only a few months, Demi adjourned live the perfect romance with actor Max Ehrich. A relationship of pure happiness that she had formalized by sharing with her fans, a video published on May 9 on Instagram ; she then exchanged a kiss during a dance with the young man, in the clip Stuck with U Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. From the two lovebirds display their love regularly, each on their social network.

This Wednesday, July 22, 2020, the beautiful brunette let burst her joy, and shared her happiness with her community of 88 million followers sure Instagram ! She got engaged to her companion, Max Ehrich. Demi lovato publishes a series of very romantic photos, taken during the marriage proposal, on the beach of Malibu in California. The couple appear very happy and kiss in front of the ocean.

A more particular photo shows the hand of the bride-to-be wearing a magnificent engagement ring, adorned with a sublime and huge diamond, created by the jeweler Peter Marco. Demi adjourned accompanies his pictures with a wonderful message and a magnificent declaration of love to the one who shares his life ”When, I was a little girl, my biological father always called me his little partner.

Something that might have sounded odd without his Southern cowboy accent. To me that made perfect sense. And today this word has all its meaning again, but today I will officially be someone else’s partner ”began to write Demi adjourned, before declaring to her future husband “I knew that I loved you at this very moment when I met you.

It was something I couldn’t describe to anyone who hadn’t experienced it before, but luckily you felt it too. I have never felt loved so unconditionally by someone in my life (apart from my parents), with my faults and everything. You never pressured me to be someone other than myself.

And you make me want to always be the best version of myself, I’m so honored to accept your proposal. I love you more than a picture could express it, but I am overjoyed to have a family and a life with you. I love you forever my baby, my man. This is our future ”.

It is a publication which also made the happiness of its followers and which has garnered over 1 million likes in just one hour and almost over 6,300,000 in less than 24 hours. Some more than 103,000 congratulatory messages then burst forth from all over her post, celebrating this happy event with her. We will find the comments and wishes of happiness from many stars such as Paris Hilton, Adam Lambert, Jessie J., Avril Lavigne, khloe Kardashian, Lewis Hamilton, Brené Brown….

For his part, Max Ehrich also expresses his happiness, that of a future married man. He also posts a series of photos on his account Instagram and, in the caption of his publication, make a true declaration of love to his future wife, Domi lovato. You are every love song, every movie, every word, every poem, you are everything I could dream of in a life partner.

Words cannot express how much I am in love with you forever. I cannot spend an extra second of my time here on earth without the miracle of having you as my wife. This is forever. I am so excited. You are the most beautiful, inside and out, in the whole world and I couldn’t be more thankful that God brought us together. I love you so much and I will always cherish your soul so beautiful, pure and infinite ”.

For a very long time in the spotlight, the famous Demi lovato started his career at an early age, at 7 years old, in the series Barneys & Friends, and will be truly revealed in the Disney film, Camp Rock, alongside the Jonas Brothers. A TV movie that allows her to reveal her talents as an actress, singer, musician and composer to the public.

The interpreter of Let It Go, the soundtrack of the Disney film Snow Queen, Demi adjourned, is famous around the world for his many talents. When to her future husband, Max Ehrich, 29 years old, he is best known for his acting career, especially for his role which revealed him to the general public, Fenmore Baldwin in the series The Young and the Restless, which he played for more than three years. Max Ehrich has also appeared in several television series including, Under the Dome, Ugly Betty, and New York, Special Unit.

The last project he appeared in was a film produced for Netflix, entitled Courage and rodeo, released in 2019. Actor, but also singer and dancer. Max Ehrich was, in fact, the main dancer in the third installment of the saga High School Musical, next to Zac Etron and Vanessa Hudgens.

The one who had romances with Cody Linley, Alexander DeLeon, Joe Jonas, Wilmer Valderrama with whom she remained 6 years, from 2010 to 2016, or with Austin Wilson, fell in love with the one who will now become her future husband. It is therefore exactly two years after the date of the tragedy that the beautiful Demi adjourned seems to have finally turned the page of her dark very complicated years of depression, violence, alcohol, mutilation and drug addiction, and is ready to live now a life full of happiness and serenity in the arms of her future husband, Max Ehrich.