Finally, the revelation of the question that baffled millions… You will not believe what is the secret of the fall of the coffin of the seductress (Faten Hamama) and Farouk al-Fishawi’s frightening and intense screaming in her grave.. You will not expect what happened.! !

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The late artist Souad Hosni refused to embody the role of the spy in the movie Ascent to the Abyss, and many artists also stayed away from embodying negative characters for fear of the audience’s reaction and the loss of popularity they enjoy.

The late artist Faten Hamama was able to break this rule and present that type of character, without losing the love and sympathy of the audience who used to play the exemplary roles that characterized her since the beginning of her artistic journey.

Among the negative characters presented by Faten Hamama, is the character of the evil girl in the movie “La Sleep” with Yehia Shaheen and Maryam Fakhr El-Din. Faten Hamama is the only artist

Which forced the audience every time to reject the principles of his oriental society and accept marital infidelity and applause for the traitorous heroine, and critics attributed this to her overwhelming popularity

And the audience’s love for her, in addition to that she presented these roles in an indecent way, whether in dialogue or clothes. And when the lady of the Arab screen, Faten Hamama, passed away, it was not surprising that large crowds were present at her farewell, as the late woman is an exceptional person.

She is the star that entered the hearts of all Arabs without asking permission for her grace, femininity, and performance for her artistic roles, and she has been on her throne for decades of brilliance and giving on the artistic and human level.

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The intense stampede of the audience who attended to bid farewell to the late star, and the funeral of her body in the Al-Hosary Mosque in the 6th of October City, caused the coffin bearers to fall as they left the mosque.

During the burial of the woman of the Arab screen, Faten Hamama, the late artist Farouk al-Fishawi lost his nerve and shouted at the journalists, asking them to leave the cemetery. Al-Fishawy said at the time: “Oh brother, you are the one who imagines, you said salvation, no photography.. We do not want to imagine salvation.. Please, this is his sanctuary.”

It is noteworthy that Faten Hamama died in January 2015 at her home in the Fifth Settlement in Cairo, at the age of 84, after a sharp drop in blood circulation.

Thousands participated in the funeral of the woman of the Arab screen, Faten Hamama, led by her husband, Dr. Mohamed Abdel Wahab, and her daughter, Nadia Ezzedine Zulficar, in the presence of a large number of stars of art and culture.



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