Finally… Ragheb Alama breaks his silence and responds to the criticism of his daughter’s women’s clothing and what he said was embarrassing once again.!!

After a long wait, the artist Ragheb Alama responded to his critics who demanded the cancellation of his concerts in Lebanon because of his recent statements that sparked great controversy, and he also commented on critics of his daughter’s clothes.

Ragheb Alama said in an interview with et in Arabic: I do not respond to unknown people, in social networking sites in front of every real person there are 10 fake people with fake accounts and photos, I saw one who was cursing me and putting a picture of my niece, is there anything more than that.

On the criticism of his statements about Lebanon: I blame those who did not hear my words and spoke about me, they quoted from fake pages and accounts that distorted my words. I received calls from people confirming that I speak like them.

And he talked about his son Louay and the attack he was subjected to because of his appearance, saying: They are fake people sitting behind screens, we do not respond to them, but our response is through our success and our work.

After the artist spoke about his daughter, the followers described his comment as misplaced and embarrassing him again, while media sites reported that the fans were waiting for an apology from the artist for the clothes of the woman’s daughter and the daring, as they described,

But the opposite came, and he was satisfied with attacking those who criticized Najla Louay, which sparked controversy again and was embarrassed, as he described. The artist, Ragheb Alama, had released his latest song, “Form 6” recently, and it was a great success among the audience.

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