Today on a mobile with Us in the Morning, Fernando Mocking answered all the questions that were asked about the trial that is unfolding between Mavys Álvarez and the environment of Diego Maradona. But about the end of the show, Sandra Borghi reminded the prestigious lawyer that he had already suspended his marriage to Barby Franco about three times and almost forced him to date and the lawyer did not shrink and set a date.

Here we see the video where you gave Barby a barbaric scare where he thought you died in an ambulance after falling off a horse, horrible what you did is not done. You didn’t see what she said to you ‘you’re a ball …’ there you proposed to her and it never materializedWhen are they going to get married? Asked the firm and determined driver.

Finally! Fernando Burlando announced exactly when he will marry Barby Franco.

Mocking with laughter, he said that for different reasons they had to suspend but that he already had the date that he would like to get married in March. It was then that he revealed the date: “I can confirm that we are going to get married on March 14.” Then Carlos Monti interrupted him and said: “But Fernando for a bit, the 14th falls on Monday.” Good guys On the weekend of Friday March 18 we got married, I confirm it here with you. On the 18th that falls on Friday we do the wedding“, Hill.

¡Al fin!

Fernando Burlando and Barby Franco open their field
Fernando Burlando and Barby Franco already have a wedding date.

Barby Franco revealed that he has a “red room” in Fifty Shades of Gray

Barby Franco surprised with a hot confession about a “red room” that he has with Fernando Burlando to Fifty Shades of Gray.

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Invited to Pampita Online, the lawyer met his girlfriend, who is a panelist in the program, and there was a cmake it very hot.

It was Cora de BarbierI who surprised the model when she asked about this sexual room they have in their house. “The red room would be a very hot place for the couple, What can you tell us about that and what does it contain?“was the journalist’s query.

We have it for a long time. It’s good. It is a room that has a series of benches, implements, that can be used for many things, among others, those that you imagine. When we are at home, they visit, “said Burlando.

We have a clause, it’s a kind of game. For example, a clause says that on Fridays you can from such to such a time“Barby Franco explained.” He makes me sign papers, “he added.

Barby Franco revealed that he has a
Barby Franco revealed that he has a “red room” in Fifty Shades of Gray.


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