The agony of choice. In “Forza Horizon 5” there are again hundreds of unlockable cars.


The latest offshoot of the “Forza” series takes players to Mexico. The worries that the concept of the open racing world was gradually running out of steam were completely in vain.

Who can say of themselves that they once crashed through a damp and muddy jungle in a Ferrari F40? Or took a trip to an active volcano in a Ford Bronco? In “Forza 5” such jaunts are the status quo. And that’s just a small foretaste of what racing game lovers can expect in “Forza 5”.

As in its predecessors, players in “Forza 5” find themselves in a huge game world, which is often reminiscent of a gigantic playground. You can take part in different races at every corner of the map. If you like it more relaxed, the best thing to do is throw yourself off a cliff at a stunt event. As far as possible, of course.

A dream for car lovers

«Forza 5» remains clearly true to its roots. As usual for an arcade racing game, it’s not about exact driving physics or realistic collisions. The focus is on having fun. And it is easier to carry on a destructive excursion on the beach promenade with sun loungers and parasols flying around.

The total of 526 unlockable cars in the game promise pure realism. Everything from the legendary Opel Manta to the Porsche 911 is included. However, if you want to expand your vehicle fleet, you have to dig deep into your pockets. It is therefore advisable to drive one or the other race or go on an expedition, because here in particular there are often attractive rewards in the form of new vehicles and cash prizes.

526 cars are waiting to be unlocked and tuned.


Design your own race

However, one shouldn’t do without the newly introduced expeditions either way. Because it is precisely here that you keep exploring exciting locations such as a shabby airfield or an idyllic mountain lake. Such excursions offer a welcome change from the now well-known Horizon Festival.

The second major innovation is called EventLab. This is a huge creative tool with which you can create your own races and completely new game modes and share them with the community. Sometimes you can find really cool modifications and works that offer completely new challenges and provide long-term motivation.

Breathtaking backdrops can be found all over the Mexican island.


It is really seldom boring with «Forza 5». The map always has new adventures ready. It is a well-rounded gaming experience with scenes, protagonists and music that constantly put you in a good mood. Only the intelligence of the computer-controlled opponents is not at the top end of the scale.

Often the opponents drive as if on rails and that with every level of difficulty. You are then simply traveling a little faster or slower. As a result, the races sometimes seem sterile, also because there are no gripping overtaking maneuvers and duels.

Nevertheless, “Forza 5” is a fantastic game overall and definitely the racing highlight of 2021.

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