On your masks, get set, go! It is the return to life, to a different life, adapted, protocolized, but these are our lives now and this now exceeds the provisional character that we had perhaps hastily attributed to it. Football is finally back in France, two months, for example, after the resumption in Germany, the first major football country to return to competition on May 16. At the time, France was barely deconfining, a sign of the strangeness of this virus, which circulates as inexplicably as a dribble of Neymar, the king of the opposite. Football finally finds the stage and its golden lights, the last live show with the arts (theater, dance, concerts, etc.) to have waited for.

In a Stade de France brought back to its daily life or almost – an empty shell without a resident club – this final between PSG and Saint-Etienne becomes this Friday evening (9:10 p.m.) the first official match in the world after. The last still concerns the club of the capital, on March 11, a qualifying evening for the quarter-finals of the Champions League in a thunderous camera.

The Parisian supporters had at the time alone invented the gauge of 5,000 people for a gathering (with blessing from the Prefecture of Police), communicating from outside with the world inside. Supportism is not compatible with our responsible lives and it is the test of a whole bunch of barrier gestures that this final is disputed. Should we like this football? Do we have a choice? We must also live what is happening, snort the real before it smokes us, so it is here and now and we should undoubtedly be delighted.

Domestic chores before Europe

Football returns through the main gate of Saint-Denis, city of the coronations, with a final in the taste of the 1980s, when football was disputed with visible shin guards, short shorts and Michel Platini played his last match with a French club, in a real enclosure dedicated to the game, the Parc des Princes. This PSG-Saint-Etienne for history succeeds that of 1982 (2-2, 6 tab to 5), the first trophy in the Parisian galaxy which could in five weeks tackle three new ones, knowing that only one of the three would make him his year and even his century.

Between winning two new National Cups and a Champions League in Lisbon, Paris prefers to devour everything but will seek more to plant its fangs in the big ears of the C1 in a month. But the appetite comes with eating and everything is in everything: these two pictures tell that to better prepare for the European Cup, Thomas Tuchel’s team must first take care of their domestic tasks.

Especially since he had little choice. The championship never resumed and the oppositions of Saint-Etienne, then Lyon in the Coupe de la Ligue serve as a dress rehearsal. Or how to participate in the Champions League after having offered the Coupe de Rhône-Alpes by trying to beat his two best representatives. Paris is deconfining its season and it has to go gradually, taking it step by step. It is the first, finally, in the mad impatience of the emotions which were so lacking. Life is coming back, don’t miss it.