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Capitalist stocks: slaughterhouse king Tönnies registered a dozen new corporations in mid-July. »Precautionary«

Admitting mistakes, minimizing scandals, promising reforms and benefits: slaughterhouse king Clemens Tönnies is familiar with the system. And as a capitalist he reacts precisely and quickly to keep the damage to the corona pandemic – and the scandals uncovered in this context – as low as possible for his company. He wants to have apartments built for employees, make all employees precariously through work contracts into real “employees” and take intensive care of their health. And because a good entrepreneur acts with foresight, he founded a whole box full of GmbHs and registered them on July 14th at the Gütersloh district court. This became known, among other things, through the research service North Data.

“As a precaution,” that happened, the news agency quoted on Thursday dpa a corporate spokesman. »We have announced that we will employ all employees directly in the core areas of production. It remains unrestricted. “Because it is” still completely unclear at the moment which organizational forms the planned law provides for. “

On Wednesday, the federal cabinet passed a bill that provides for stricter rules for the meat industry. Accordingly, from January 1, 2021, larger companies in the industry should no longer be allowed to employ contract workers in the slaughtering, cutting, and meat processing sector, and from April 1, 2021, no agency workers may be employed. Butchers with a maximum of 49 employees are excluded.

The state is considered an ideal total capitalist. And he has to make sure that the economy thrives. It can therefore be assumed that the well-networked manufacturer Tönnies was informed about the proposed law in good time. The »precautionary« establishment of 15 limited liability companies offers scope for interpretation in this context. One of them is that loopholes for circumventing legal regulations are not only used in this way – they are also deliberately created.

It’s a tradition. Because German corporate law grants many freedoms for those who can afford them. Nested corporate constructs are popular, whether they are registered in Gütersloh or on the Cayman Islands. It can be used to reduce or avoid taxes, to eliminate participation and to obscure ownership. And also bend labor law to the contrary of the words to be read in it. The presumption of innocence does not automatically apply here.

“The incident shows once again the criminal energy with which employers like Tönnies try to circumvent existing laws in the interest of their profits,” commented Jutta Krellmann jW. The deputy of the German Bundestag (Die Linke) added: »I assume that Tönnies will not be able to circumvent the ban on work contracts and agency work even with the establishment of these companies. Should there still be gaps in the draft law, these must be closed immediately. «

From this point of view, the company’s immediate reaction to the suspicion that many 49-person individual companies should be established here is understandable. This was until dpaReport has not even been explicitly voiced.