FilGoal | News | Al-Kaabi clarifies the fact that 60 matches of the Italian League were broadcast on the Abu Dhabi Open

Ali Saeed Al Kaabi, commentator on Abu Dhabi Sports Channels, explained the fact that 60 matches of the Italian League are broadcast during the season through the channels of the open channel.

Yesterday, the Abu Dhabi Network announced that it had officially acquired the rights to the Italian League for 3 seasons.

Al-Kaabi said in his account via Twitter first: “Acquiring the rights to major events is not easy, there are many conditions set by rights companies, including the need to adhere to broadcasting in a specific geographical dimension.”

He added, “However, Abu Dhabi Media succeeded in persuading the Italian League to broadcast 60 matches per season on its open channels, and this means that all the major summits will be broadcast for free.”

Then he explained, “Only for the correction, I was informed now from the administration that the 60 matches on the open channel are only for the cup matches, not the league, and there are efforts to bring the channel closer to obtaining the right to a match on the open channel in the league. I apologize again with the promise of watching coverage that definitely lives up to your football taste.”

According to a statement by the Emirati network, the matches will be broadcast on Abu Dhabi sports channels and the STARZPLAY application.

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According to the Abu Dhabi Government Media Office, STARZPLAY’s access to more than 2.1 million subscribers in the region will give Italian Serie A clubs access to a wide audience, which will support their brands within a region of more than 400 million people.

This joint deal is evidence of the fruitful partnership between Abu Dhabi Media and STARZPLAY, where the two sides were keen to enhance their cooperation to enrich their sports portfolio for the region’s fans, which includes (the Asian Football Confederation Championships, the Mixed Fighting Championship, and the FIFA Club World Cup).

The site explainedTo watch the Italian League, sports fans can subscribe to the sports package at STARZPLAY By visiting the site STARZPLAY.comwhich gives subscribers access to various other exciting sports and competitions in addition to the Italian Serie A“.

“Abu Dhabi Media has obtained the television rights of the first division for the next three years,” said Lorenzo Cassini, president of the Italian League, at the press conference at the end of the meeting, which was reported by the Italian media agency “ANSA” earlier.

And he added, “There were no tensions, after a long time beIN Sports decided to enter into the negotiations that were underway with Abu Dhabi by proposing a new offer, but there were doubts about committing itself for more than three years in this field.”

He added, “16 clubs supported the Abu Dhabi Sports Network (Fiorentina and Napoli abstained, Roma and Turin voted against it).”

He explained the financial details: “Abu Dhabi Media will guarantee 23, 25 and 31 million dollars, respectively, in the three-year period, but you can go up based on performance, and there are other estimates, we can add another 20 million.”

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The new season of the Italian League begins with the clash between Milan and Udinese on August 13, at 6:30 pm.

Abu Dhabi Sports got the rights to the Italian Cup, starting from the semi-finals last season.

And beIN Sports (formerly Al-Jazeera) had taken over all the rights of the Italian League for nearly 20 in the Middle East.

Milan won the Italian League title last season, while Inter won the Cup and the Super Cup.

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