Screams, slamming doors, noise of objects crashing on the floor. The police went to his home in London at dawn on Friday Boris Johnson with his girlfriend. A neighbor alerted the agents of the fight of who aspires to be prime minister in procedures of divorce of his second wife, and Carrie Symonds of 31 years, old head of press of the Conservative Party and current companion of Johnson.

According to the newspaper 'The Guardian', which launched the exclusive of the dispute, Symonds could be heard screaming at Johnson "get away from me", "Get out of my apartment." When the neighbor, worried about the brawl, knocked on the door, she received no response. "I expected someone to respond and say that everything was fine, I called three times, but nobody opened", has declared to 'The Guardian'.

The newspaper states that, in a recording of the altercation To which he has had access, Johnson refuses to leave the property and tells his partner to "leave" his personal computer. Symonds is heard accusing the conservative deputy of having ruined the sofa with red wine. "Nothing matters to you because you're spoiled. You do not care, nor the money, nor anything. "

The neighbor decided to call the police, who confirmed the visit to the address in question. "The police came and spoke with all the occupants of that address and everyone was safe and well. There were no apparent reasons for concern and insults for the police to intervene. ", says the official Scotland Yard statement.

Asked this afternoon about the altercation in a meeting with militants in Birmingham, Johnson has eluded the issue. "I do not think people want to hear about that." "People have the right to ask me what I want to do for the country," he said.

Private life "opaque"

The concern is now political for Johnson's team, with a private life qualified in the softest terms of "opaque". The politician, married twice, father of five children, one of them extramarried, has been attributed many sentimental 'affaires' throughout his hectic career. His last conquest is this woman, twenty-four years younger than him, with which he is related since last year, when Johnson left for her his wife, Marina Wheeler.

Symonds, is part of his campaign team and has renewed the image of the politician, who has lost kilos, has cut his hair and has taken care of his clothing. The couple had begun to appear in public and it was not ruled out that the one that settled down in the official residence of Downing Street, if Johnson finally reached its objective to become prime minister.

Shameful incidents

The domestic fight could change the course of the race for leadership. What happened would come to give the reason to those who accuse the politician of being chaotic, unstable, unpredictable and have a clear propensity to incur embarrassing incidents. The maxim in Westminster, after its devastating victory in the parliamentary group, is that, "Now, the only one who could stop Boris, is Boris", for his ability to shoot himself in the foot, when success smiles at him. From the team of Johnson there are no comments on the row, which monopolizes the national attention.


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