Fight for Sieverodonetsk – it happened at night

Biden: US supplies modern missile systems to Ukraine

The US government will deliver advanced missile systems to Ukraine, according to President Joe Biden. Biden wrote in a guest article for the New York Times published on Tuesday evening (local time) that this should enable the attacked country to hit “important targets on the battlefield in Ukraine” more precisely. At the same time, Biden assured: “We don’t want a war between NATO and Russia.” Nor did the US attempt to overthrow Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The White House said on Tuesday evening (local time) that Ukraine had pledged not to attack targets on Russian territory with the US-made HIMARS artillery system. The system is part of a $700 million package that also includes missiles, radar systems, Javelin anti-tank weapons, helicopters, vehicles and spare parts. A senior US official said the US would supply missiles with the HIMARS system that would only have a range of around 50 miles. Read more here.

A US Army HIMARS system (archive image): The US wants to send these rocket launchers to Ukraine.
A US Army HIMARS system (archive image): The US wants to send these rocket launchers to Ukraine. (Quelle: Lcpl. Jennifer Reyes/Us Marines/imago-images-bilder)

Kherson region cut off from internet and cellular

The Russian-occupied Kherson region in southern Ukraine has been cut off from all channels of communication. This was announced by the Ukrainian Authority for Communications and Data Protection. “Residents in the region are currently without Ukrainian mobile and Internet access, and without the ability to make domestic and international calls from landline phones,” the agency said.

Heavy fighting in Sieverodonetsk

Meanwhile, in the eastern Ukrainian region of Luhansk, Russian troops are about to overthrow the last bastion of Ukrainian forces. If the embattled regional capital Sievjerodonetsk falls, Russia would have achieved one of its war aims: complete control of the Luhansk region. From there, the Russian troops and the Moscow-loyal separatists could advance further west to capture the strategically important cities of Sloviansk and Kramatorsk in the Donetsk region.

During fighting in Sieverodonetsk, an incident occurred at a chemical plant producing nitric acid. The Ukrainian authorities spoke on Tuesday of a Russian airstrike on the plant. The pro-Russian separatists, on the other hand, announced that there had been an explosion there. A large plume of smoke could be seen in photos published by the Ukrainian governor of the Luhansk region, Serhiy Hajday, on his Telegram news channel.

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