FIFA 23 could be free-to-play and crossplay

As fans eagerly await information on FIFA 22, a leaker has revealed that major changes may be coming to the game in the future.

FIFA 22 is currently the topic of all player talk. While EA has started revealing the first new features of this first installment which will be released on October 1, 2021, major information for next year’s opus seems to have been revealed.

Indeed, on July 17, extremely interesting information about FIFA 23 would have leaked, and it’s so crazy that it’s hard to believe it for the moment.

The crossplay available for FIFA 23?

One of the hottest issues for FIFA players is the possibility of crossplay coming to future license games.

While it has been confirmed that FIFA 22 will not support crossplay, the famous DonkTrading leaker recently unveiled some crisp information about it.

Through a fairly short tweet, but quite speaking, he seems to announce that FIFA 23 will be both cross-platform and free-to-play.

While Donk has proven to be a fairly reliable source over the past few years on FIFA, it’s important to clarify that at the moment there is no way to verify this information, so take it with a grain of salt.

FIFA going to become free-to-play?

In addition to the crossplay teasing, Donk took it a step further by hinting that FIFA 23 might even go free-to-play. Even if some consider it unlikely that EA will offer a free game, this is not completely excluded, thanks to the Ultimate Team mode.

As everyone knows, EA makes the most money with FIFA thanks to FUT, so why not offer this one mode of play as a free option?

Considering that most FUT players spend their money in the mode to buy FIFA Points and therefore packs, it would totally make sense for it to become playable for free.


A playable FUT mode for free? On our side, it is a big YES.

But again, there is nothing to support Donk’s claims, so while they are really, really interesting information, we can’t find out more about it at this time.

However, if any new information comes to us regarding crossplay or free-to-play in FIFA, then we will be sure to share it with you directly.

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