FIFA 22 officially launches on October 1, although the new installment of EA Sports’ soccer simulation series is now available through EA Play, coinciding with an offer that allows Spanish players to access this subscription at a reduced price of 0.99 euros for the first month. The channel ElAnalistaDeBits Has made a first technical comparison between the different versions in which PlayStation 5 is compared with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and a second with the game in three PlayStation -PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5-.

The analysis concludes that the graphic jump with respect to FIFA 21 is “very discreet” and the versions practically identical. On PS5 and Xbox Series X it works at 2160p resolution and 60 fps, while on Xbox Series S it works at 1080p and 60 fps. The rest of the settings – textures, modeling, lighting – are the same although the analysis believes that there is a graphical bug on PS5 that causes depth of field blur to appear on certain goal kicks. The cinematics run at 30 fps while the game runs at the aforementioned 60 fps.

Loading times disappear in the new generation of consoles and apparently all three versions suffer some clipping in the hair of the players.

The versions on PlayStation

The comparison between the three PlayStation models shows that “a considerable jump is not felt on any platform with respect to FIFA 21“, although PS5 has the advantage over PS4 and PS4 Pro of a higher resolution, better antialiasing, revised general lighting and the absence of loading times. Like last year on PS5 this year’s edition brings better modeling and a more realistic hair than in the previous generation of consoles.

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“On FIFA 22 for PS5 and XSX / S the protagonists are the animations with more than 4000 added with a new capture system that allows us to see how all the players react better to rival inputs, perform more natural controls and more precise movements that allow us to enjoy a pleasant playable experience “, we tell you in our impressions.” The goalkeepers also They have improved although they continue to leave us with some questionable performances while the ball, like every year, continues to improve in its behavior. All this to offer us fun and vibrant games that fans of the saga are sure to like. Soon we will offer you our in-depth analysis.


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