FIFA 22 is coming to Xbox Game Pass very soon

If we talk about the soccer game that currently moves the most people in the world, it is impossible not to think about FIFA 22. Because despite people’s criticism, EA’s delivery is crowned every year as the best game on the market in terms of this sport. Either because of the little competition it has or because despite everything, people continue to like everything it offers.

Since the implementation of EA Play to the Xbox Game Pass service was announced, many people jumped for joy, especially for being able to enjoy games like FIFA 22 at no additional cost. That is why since his departure last year, we were already clear that sooner or later he was going to end up in the service and that day seems to be very close. Here you have the link to the Xbox website so you can see for yourself how it is already listed.

FIFA 22 will jump onto the Xbox Game Pass field

On May 6, 2021, the service implemented the previous installment of FIFA so that all players who were subscribed could enjoy it. Now FIFA 22 installment is listed with EA Play although apparently it cannot be downloaded yetyou can only enjoy the 10-hour free trial.

Between the list and the dates we are on, there is no doubt that this installment will become part of Xbox Game Pass sooner rather than later. Maybe it will be in the next few hours or in the next few days, what is clear is that very soon all subscribers of the Microsoft service will be able to enjoy this installment. Remember that the Xbox ONE and Xbox Series X|S versions will be available, so it doesn’t matter your platform.

FIFA 22 coming to Xbox Game Pass very soon - FIFA 22 is finally included with EA Play, its implementation to the Xbox Game Pass service could be imminent.  What do you think of this new addition?



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