FIFA 22 details all the news about Ultimate Team, with changes to Division Rivals and more customization

We also know how the Heroes will work, the new cards that will be present in Ultimate Team.

EA Sports continues to give us new details about FIFA 22 and, in this case, it focuses on what is probably the star section of the virtual football saga in recent years. Indeed, we are talking about Ultimate Team, which is renewed with new content and options to keep your players glued to the screen for hours to create a dream team.

The official information is accompanied by a new FIFA 22 trailer in which they review all the improvements, changes and news added in FUT for this season. Some of them had been playing for several months and now they become official, like a reduction in the number of FUT Champions matches or more details on Heroes, the new type of envelopes that we will find in Ultimate Team.

We go in parts, because there is much to tell. For example, from EA they want progress to be more transparent in Division Rivals and for this, we will be more clear about what our objectives will be to have rewards. To do this, they have reduced the number of games to play in order to qualify for better players and prizes and make progress more accessible to all players. In addition, for those more “pro” there is a new Elite Division, where they will meet the best FIFA players.

Between these changes, we will progress in Division Rivals through a kind of “ladder” with different stages. When we win, we will advance but, when we lose, we will regress. Unless we are at a checkpoint that will allow us to save the position. The winning streaks will also be reflected to us with the icon of a flame and we will continue to have prizes based on the games we win before the weekend; the further we go the better. Additionally, cooperative public matchmaking is featured. A new FUT Friendlies mode where you can play with a partner.

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Now it will take fewer games in FUT Champions to be more accessible to allThis new approach also carries over to FUT Champions, where “Play-Offs” and Champions Finals have been added to “improve accessibility and reduce commitment to participate”. A) Yes, fewer games will be needed than the 30 that had to be played so far. Now, we will have a new system based on points, instead of wins, so they will make you progress even the losses. Thus, they seek to achieve a balance while still offering a competitive experience. Of course, to enter FUT Champions, we will have to have obtained the necessary points in Division Rivals.

On the other hand, there are also general changes in the Ultimate Team menu so that players can navigate more easily than before, where some functions were somewhat “hidden”. For example, quick access will be provided by pressing the left joystick to access the SBC template creation challenges. We will also have easier the management of the players when it comes to knowing their attributes or advantages.

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In addition, new options have been added to customize the stadium to our liking and give it a personal touch. We can decorate the stands with a new VIP area or choose from dynamic types for the animation stand, watching giant drop-down flags waving and other unlockable elements that we will get as we meet Objectives, as until now. There are also visual changes, being able to choose that the camera changes in the goal celebrations, to see them from a more distant point of view, but to observe the roar of the stands when scoring.

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The Heroes will do green chemistry with all the players in their league, regardless of the teamThe presentation also refers, as we said earlier, to FUT Heroes, the new type of cards present in Ultimate Team, which are different from what we have seen so far. Although they promise more details soon, from EA they assure that they are “wild cards”, which will give positive chemistry with all the clubs in the league of the player in question. For example, if you have Morientes, it will make a green link with any player in the Spanish league, regardless of the team. If it is from another championship, it will be red unless you share nationality.

FIFA 22 Image

Those responsible for FIFA 22 assure that they will give more details on FUT Heroes starting in September, as well as about the new icons, the players’ ratings or the launch of the Web App. In this report we tell you all the news about FIFA 22.

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