Fierce rain showers cause flooded streets and flooding in Friesland

On Saturday morning, a thunderstorm hit our country and caused very heavy rainfall, especially in the northwest of our province and in the Drachten region. Because the showers moved slowly, the differences over short distances were sometimes large.

In the vicinity of Franeker Herbaijum came in at 43 and Hitzum at 54 millimeters. It was even more extreme at Drachten. In Oudega (Sm) 33 millimeters fell in half an hour and Drachten-west even reported a total of 71 millimeters. That is a new Frisian record for the first ten days of June. The old record was 67mm at Wytgaard five years ago. For the entire month of June, the record remains at 101 mm, fell in Grou, on June 29, 1997.

Already early on Saturday morning heavy downpours were noticeable in Friesland. Thick drops of rain poured down en masse. Watering the garden was not necessary on Saturday.

The showers resulted in flooded streets and roads in some places. This also applies to the Hemrik business park in Leeuwarden. On the Uranusweg, the water could not get away due to the abundant rainfall and cars and a single scooter were quite affected. Part of the Vliet was also flooded.

In Drachten, among other things, a garage has become full of water. This happened at the Grassland. The fire brigade is on site to pump out the water.


There were warnings for some thunderstorms with locally possible heavy precipitation in a short time. Showers will decrease later Saturday morning.

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The fire brigade was busy in various places in North Brabant on Friday with flooded cellars, tunnels and streets as a result of heavy downpours. The KNMI had already warned earlier in the day for dangerous weather in the south due to thunderstorms with local rain and/or hail. There was also a lot of rain in Limburg and Zeeland.



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