Fiat will launch two new electric cars in 2023

Fiat will launch two new electric cars in 2023

Sport Fiat will launch two new electric cars in 2023. The new models are believed to be a city car and a small SUV related to the Jeep Avenger.

Automakers have started a race to electrify your product portfolios and meet the ambitious electricity targets, especially with a horizon set by Europe in 2035, the year in which new cars with combustion engines cannot be sold.

This is the explanation that justifies the constant launch of new electric cars that we have experienced in recent years, a trend that is joined by each and every one of the manufacturers that want to continue selling cars on the Old Continent. In the specific case of Fiat, the Italian brand plans to launch two new electric cars in 2023 to speed up your career.

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Sport Fiat will launch two new electric cars in 2023 as part of its electrification strategy

The announcement was included in Stellantis’ presentation of its 2022 financial results. While there were no details about these new models during the presentation event, earlier comments made by Fiat CEO Olivier François, as well as several Published reports offer a bit more insight into these upcoming releases.

François already said last year that Fiat would add four electric vehicles to its range by 2027, including a city car and three crossovers. The first will be successor to the Fiat Punto and it is one of the launches that are expected for this 2023.

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This new model, which is still without an official name, will be placed above the Fiat 500 in the range of products of the Italian manufacturer, and will share features with the current Peugeot e-208 and Opel Corsa-e, as well as the next-generation Citroën C3 and the new Lancia Ypsilon. In addition to the pure electric version, it will also offer mechanics with Mild Hybrid technology.

Fiat’s second big launch for this year is a small SUV, the Fiat 600, a model that has been talked about for a long time. It will compete in the fervent B-SUV segment by combining a compact footprint with more practicality than conventional compacts.

The 600 is expected to be closely related to the new Jeep Avenger and to be manufactured at the same Tychy plant in Poland. Like the successor to the Punto, this electric crossover will be available with mild hybrid mechanics and will be a different model from the next generation of the Fiat 500X.

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