At Diariomotor we do not usually focus on industrial vehicles, or at least, we do not do it in the same way as we do with passenger cars. But the Fiat Ducato 2022 could not not be in Diariomotor. Fiat Professional is, after Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, the second European manufacturer of commercial vehicles, and in the segment of commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes, The Fiat Ducato is the European sales leader in large vans. You just have to look out the window and see with your own eyes.

At the platform level, the new Fiat Ducato continues to use the platform of the third generation Ducato, introduced in 2006 and developed together with the PSA Group – the Citroën Jumper and Peugeot Boxer are essentially the same vehicle, with the exception of mechanics and some technologies. The evolution of these vans has been divergent, but aesthetically, the truth is that the new Ducato changes little compared to the one we knew. New headlights, a new bumper and a grille with the new Fiat logo, in big letters.

There are thirteen mechanical and powertrain combinations in the Ducato 2022 range.

On a technical level, it debuts new generation mechanics. They are three 2.2-liter four-cylinder Multijet 3 unitsDeveloped with efficiency and durability in mind. Although they are not electrified, their anti-pollution system and the injection of AdBlue in the exhaust allow them to comply with the Euro 6d Final regulations. Its powers are 120 hp, 140 hp, 160 hp and 180 CV. Its top-of-the-range version boasts 450 Nm of torque, and in addition to being associated with a six-speed manual gearbox, it can be coupled to a nine-speed automatic.

The biggest changes, however, are within. The handbrake becomes electric, freeing up space around the driver. The center console is redesigned and features a up to 10-inch Uconnect display, with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The instrumentation becomes digital and we have a wireless charger for mobile phones, without neglecting the slots. Another novelty is an extendable table on the third seat, very useful as a work surface or to eat in the van itself.

The headlights on the Ducato are full-LED, standard on all versions.

The steering wheel is new and you can enter the van with a “hands-free” system, a keyless entry. On the other hand, the Ducato can now equip a self-leveling air suspension in the rear axle, allowing the height of the rear to be reduced to facilitate loading and unloading. At the level of driving assistance, the Ducatos have also improved significantly and are placed on the crest of the wave of the segment. The most striking is the adaptive cruise control with stop & go function and lane centering, allowing practically autonomous driving in traffic jams and slow traffic.

This system, a first in the segment, is joined by a digital central rear-view mirror, an automatic parking system and an ESP that compensates for wind drift, caused by the large lateral surface of these vehicles.