FIA restricts strategic safety car restart Verstappen

Max Verstappen’s ‘pushy’ strategy during a restart after a safety car situation is no longer allowed. Race officials have reminded drivers to stay behind the car in front of them when the race resumes.

Over the past few races, it became clear that the world champion was pushing the limits of the rules with a restart. Last year during the title denouement in Abu Dhabi, we saw Verstappen almost driving next to Lewis Hamilton, who was allowed to set the pace at that time. We also saw the Dutchman almost come alongside in Saudi Arabia when the leading Charles Leclerc wanted to restart the race. The phenomenon has since been banned by the FIA.

Article 55.14

Race director Niels Wittich reminds the drivers of article 55.14 of the sport regulations. “To avoid the risk of accidents before the safety car returns to the pits, drivers must maintain a pace from the moment the safety car lights are out without irregular acceleration or braking. jeopardize or hinder a restart,” the race director said in the document. To put an end to all ambiguity, the FIA ​​has made an image in which the motorsport association shows what is and is not allowed.

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