FFP2 mask requirement outdoors: do I have to wear them everywhere and always now? in 5 minutes

As of today, there is an extended FFP2 mask requirement throughout Austria. Now you have to put them on outside too. But what does that mean exactly?

FFP2 mask requirement outdoors

As of January 11th, it is now also mandatory to wear a mask outdoors. According to the Federal Ministry, the definition is: “Wherever the recommended minimum distance of two meters from people outside the household cannot or is not observed, an FFP2 mask is now also required outdoors. This does not apply to situations where the minimum distance of two meters is only briefly exceeded, such as when simply “walking past” the sidewalk or during sports, etc. ” That means you basically have to put on the mask if you cannot keep a distance and this lasts longer than just for a short time, e.g. when visiting a farmers’ market. However, cities, localities and the like can also set up their own stricter rules.

Who is exempt from the FFP2 mask requirement?

There are also people who are generally exempt from the FFP2 mask requirement. Here you can find an overview:

Who is exempt from the mask requirement?

  • Children up to the age of six are exempt from the mask requirement.
  • Children between the age of six and the age of 14 may take the place of the FFP2 mask wear mouth and nose protection.
  • Pregnant women are exempt from the requirement to wear a mask; instead, they can use mouth and nose protection.
  • People who cannot be expected to wear it for health reasons (e.g. people with chronic respiratory diseases, anxiety disorders or with advanced dementia, asthma, children with ADHD etc..), are exempt from the mask requirement.
  • In the event of an inspection (z.B. by organs of the public security service) the reasons for the claim must be proven. For this you need a confirmation from a doctor who is authorized to practice independently in Austria.
  • Deaf and severely hearing impaired people and their communication partners are also exempt from the mask requirement: inside during communication.
  • Speech therapists and their patients are released from the mask requirement for the duration of the speech therapy activity, as recognizing facial features and facial expressions is essential for successful speech therapy treatments.


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