In the media, Feyenoord often talks about the ‘too narrow’ selection. Nevertheless, it has now been shown that Arne Slot does indeed have some good trumps up its sleeve. In the NOS Football Podcast the question was therefore to what extent that point of criticism still applies.

One of the initial bankers, Fredrik Aursnes, has since fought his way into the base. Slot increasingly opted for the variant with him in midfield, Jens Toornstra on the right winger and Alireza Jahanbakhsh on the bench. “Aursnes is also too good to sit on the bench,” Arman Avsaroglu noted. “In the first months he kept coming in, but Slot also saw that he is just a basic player. Toornstra is too.”

And so Jahanbakhsh is now one of the options on Feyenoord’s bench. “It is not crazy to say that this Feyenoord actually has no real weaknesses anymore?”, Arno Vermeulen started. “If you look at that bench – we kept talking about that at the beginning of this season: ‘with such a bench there is no chance’. But Geertruida can fill in two positions in the back and is generally reliable. Jahanbakhsh is ultimately just a good Eredivisie football player. Then you have Dessers as a pinch hitter and Nelson can come into the team as a dribbler.”

“I still think it’s thin,” Avsaroglu countered. He saw a problem especially in the width in the midfield. “And you actually do not have a central defender. Geertruida is mainly a right back. He often puts Ramon Hendriks in the center, but he is really too light. I still think it is too thin, but you can have a season in which it is just goes well. They’ve had that before.”

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