few people know this infallible method

How to withdraw money from the bank ATM without an ATM? Here is the foolproof method that gives you the possibility to make the withdrawal without an ATM. It’s that simple.

Withdrawal without ATM –

Every day we are used to going to a bank counter to withdraw cash. Unfortunately, there is not always an ATM in sight and you must use your credit card or debit card to make purchases.

Despite the piano Cashless and the government’s decisions to encourage the use of electronic money, many Italians prefer to have cash in their wallet to pay for breakfast or to buy a pack of cigarettes.

Come withdraw cash without having to use an ATM? Here is the infallible method known and implemented by few.

Cash payment limits: the new rules

As of January 1, 2022, the current legislation has been updated and the maximum limit allowed to pay in cash is equal to 1999,99 euro. The objective of the measure launched by the government is to minimize the use of cash. In 10 years, we are at the fifth revision of the so-called ‘cash ceiling’ and from next year the threshold should be reduced to 999,99 euro.

withdrawal without ATM
withdrawal without ATM –

There are no limits for withdrawing cash from the ATM and for paying money into the current account. Therefore, every account holder can withdraw 1,500 euros of cash to the ATM without problems as it is not a question of a transfer of money from one subject to another.

As regards the payments of cash into your current account, you can proceed with the payment of cash into your account up to a maximum of 2,000 euros.

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Withdrawal without ATM: the foolproof method that allows you to withdraw cash

There are several innovative methods to exploit in supermarkets or in the tobacconists dedicated to those customers who need to have access to cash even when an ATM is not found in the immediate vicinity.

A foolproof method that allows you to withdraw cash is to turn to Bank 5, known as the tobacconist’s bank. It is an Italian credit institution that provides banking services, as well as collection and payment services to tobacconists. Each user can go to one of the affiliated tobacconists and withdraw up to 150 euros by presenting their tax code, card and document.

Alternatively, i supermarkets they have signed an agreement with ATMs and allow customers to obtain a cashback at the end of each purchase. Just complete a purchase and get an amount of cash that will be debited from the customer’s bank account.

withdrawing money without an ATM
withdraw cash without ATM –



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