A few hours after the trial against Emilio Lozoya Austin, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador made a call to all Mexicans to be very aware of the virtual audiences of the former director of Pemex to learn about the “modus operandi” of white-collar criminals, and how bites were delivered to legislators to pass reforms.

“It is a very important case that will help to destroy the corruption of Mexico… It is very important that it be followed up, that all Mexicans look for a way to inform us, because how it will include the so-called political society, there may be the intention that this matter will happen overnight, if it does not inform enough, the call is that we are very aware of everything judgment”.

During his press conference, in National Palace, the head of the Executive revealed that the owner of the fertilizer plant- that Pemex He bought at an over price – offered to return 200 million dollars, for the fertilizer considered as a junk plant.

The fertilizer plant was purchased by Pemex during the management of Emilio Lozoya Austin in the past six years.

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Lozoya Austin arrived in Mexico on July 17, after Spanish authorities extradited him to Mexico

Former Pemex chief Emilio Lozoya pleads not guilty

President López Obrador said that in the past there was the delivery of moches or bites in exchange for public work contracts.

“But nothing was known about the large heist, we have already said how the corrupt were rewarded and recognized, they were considered very skilled and cunning who knew how to take advantage of the opportunity to become great with the ill-gotten wealth, that is why it is very important this trial ”.

President López Obrador said that the height of this corruption scheme is that in addition to the delivery of moches and bites for contracts, everything that happened with Odebrecht, the so-called Energy Reform was purchased.

“He was bribed gave lawmakers a bite to approve that reform that did us harm that did not benefit the country and produced billions of pesos in losses to the public finances.”