Ferrovial will build a high-speed line in Latvia for 3,700 million

Ferrovial will build a high-speed line in Latvia for 3,700 million

OHLA and Aldesa Construcciones are the other two Spanish companies that have been finalists to be awarded this contract.

An offer submitted by Budimexa Polish construction company 50.14% owned by railwayhas been selected in consortium with two other European companies as the most advantageous to be awarded a construction contract for a high-speed line in Latvia for 3,700 million euros.

This was reported by the company to the Polish stock market, specifying that it controls 30% of that predictably winning consortium together with the French Eiffage Civil Engineeringwhich contributes 50%, and the Italian Rizzani de Eccherwith the remaining 20%.

In a report, the board of directors details that the proportion of the contract corresponding to Eiffage amounts to 1,849 million euros, to Budimex around 1,109 million and to the Italian company the remaining 739 million euros.

In any case, the company specifies that this selection by the Latvian Administration does not mean that the consortium’s offer is ultimately awarded, since the bid evaluation procedure has not yet been completed.

Its about Latvia’s largest international contract for the construction of the main high-speed line included in the Rail Baltica project, which will link the three Baltic countries –Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia– through 870 kilometers of train tracks, initially starting in 2027.

The deadline for carrying out these works in Latvia is 96 months and the first works are expected to begin this year in the surroundings of Riga. The first phase of construction will cost 230 million euros.

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Priority construction works will be carried out in the direction from Riga airport to the Latvian-Lithuanian border and the Salaspils intermodal freight terminal.

Two other Spanish companies were finalists to be awarded this contract, on the one hand OHLA in consortium with various Turkish and Polish companies, and on the other Aldesa Constructionsin this case together with other Chinese and Latvian companies.

There are already other Spanish companies working on the Rail Baltica project, such as Indra o Renfethe first through its subsidiary Prointec, which designs and supervises one of the sections, and the second as an adviser in defining the line’s operation and maintenance requirements.

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