In a weekend when Formula 1 will organize Sprint Qualifying for the second time in its history, the prospects for a change of format already mentioned for next season arouse the interest of Ferrari. At the head of the Italian team, we welcome the suggestions made by Ross Brawn to The sporting boss of F1 has indeed raised the possibility of transforming the Sprint Qualifications into Sprint Race from 2022. A positive development in the eyes of Mattia Binotto, who sees even further and puts the subject of inverted grids back on the table.

Currently, the Sprint Qualifiers make it possible to establish the starting grid for the Grand Prix, while awarding some points to the first three. In the event of change, the scale could be more rewarding at the end of this small 100 km event held on Saturday afternoon. Before going even further?

“I am very happy, I can hear that there are different proposals from the pilots”, reacts Mattia Binotto, director of Ferrari, after discovering the development prospects mentioned by Ross Brawn. “I think having a mini race on Saturday with a reverse grid to the championship order, or whatever, would be interesting. But I think it’s really still too early to decide.”

This inverted grid idea had already been put on the table by F1 with the hope of testing it in qualifying races last year, but Mercedes had opposed it. It was then abandoned in favor of the Sprint Qualifying proposal, today at the Monza test after a first test at Silverstone.

For Mattia Binotto, there is no doubt that the inverted grid, a practice already existing in promotion formulas or in other championships, would bring a welcome element of spectacle in F1.

“I think for the show and the show, it can be interesting”, assumes-t-il. “At the very beginning of the discussions around the mini-race format, at Ferrari, we made this proposal. No matter your position in the standings, it brings an additional element of spectacle, and it is important for our fans. for the entertainment that F1 can offer. “

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