Toto Wolff has acknowledged that they have not yet managed to remove the tire

The Mercedes boss defends his mechanic and believes that Bottas did not position the car well in the pits

At Mercedes they have recognized that Ferrari tried to help them remove the wheel that was stuck in Valtteri Bottas’ car. Those of the Italian team also failed in the attempt, and those of Brackley will have to wait to test it again once the car reaches the factory.

During the Monaco Grand Prix, Valtteri Bottas had to leave due to a very rare problem. The right front wheel was stuck when the Finn entered to make his stop.

The mechanics tried to unscrew the nut to be able to remove the tire, they even tried different pistols, but, finally, it was not possible. With the abandonment of Bottas, the German team lost its lead in the Constructors’ Championship, and is now one point below Red Bull, its most direct rival this 2021 season.

“The gun made the wheel nut completely round. He had never seen anything like it, there was nothing left of it. Valtteri told us that he could see the metal chips fly, ”explained Toto Wolff, head of the Mercedes team, in statements to

In addition, they have recognized that from Ferrari they went to help the German team, but they were not successful either. Therefore, the wheel is still embedded in the car and they will have to try their luck again when they return to the factory.

“The wheel is still on the car now. Ferrari helped us with heavy equipment, like a sledgehammer, after the race. The team will have to try to remove the tire again when we get back to the factory, ”acknowledged Wolff.

The Mercedes boss has admitted that the cause of the problem is not yet known, but has defended the mechanic who could not remove the tire. Wolff has assured that he is one of his best men, in fact, he considers that it was Bottas who did not position the car correctly when entering the pits, a fact that aggravated the problem.

“We have to see if it was a design flaw or multiple systems error. It has nothing to do with the mechanic. He, in fact, is one of the best and in the best shape of the team in terms of the speed of the pitsops ”, the Austrian supported.

“Normally the mechanic does not have to be so precise, but the angle was wrong,” he reproached his pilot.

The Finn, for his part, has been disappointed with what happened and has warned that such a mistake cannot happen again: “It is tremendously disappointing and a situation that should not happen again. It is a big mistake. I think that, if it had not happened, we would have fought for victory ”, said the Mercedes driver.

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