Fernando Medina, defeated by the new mayor of Lisbon Carlos Moedas on 26 September, does not accept being a councilor. Justifies the resignation of the position, in a letter addressed to the Municipal Assembly of Lisbon, saying that, in this way, “it makes life easier for the future organs of the autarchy, reducing the level of personalization of the debate”.

“I believe that this is the solution that best serves the interests of the city, the functioning of executive meetings and the ability of the opposition to focus on the future and not on the past”, he explains in the letter that JN had access to.

Medina says it was “an individual decision” and “considered” after hearing “various people’s opinions”.

The former mayor of Lisbon, for six years, also guarantees that he will never cease to have “a profound connection to the city”. “Lisbon is the city of my life. I don’t need to hold any position to remain attentive to the city’s development, always remaining civically active and committed to what I think is the best for the country’s capital”, he writes, leaving the future open.


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