This Wednesday in his morning conference, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador criticized the PAN senator Lilly Winter, who in recent days offered an apology for having made two mistakes in his political career: one, having reached the Senate with Brunette supporting the head of the Executive; and another, having signed the “Charter of Madrid” in a meeting with Santiago Abascal, leader of VOX.

“That is why, when Mrs. Lilly Téllez said: ‘I no longer want to be wrong because I was with Andrés Manuel, with López Obrador, and it is from one extreme, and I was with Abascal and it is the other extreme, and I want to be in the center’ Well, I thought it was okay, because in times of transformation there is no right middle, there are times of definitions.

“So, if they are just two groups, liberal and conservative, there are no more, that has been the whole of history. Socialism, communism, fascism, neoliberalism have been added, but the trunks, the main currents are conservatism, liberalism, that is, there is nothing else. So, welcome to Fox … Vox ”, declared President López Obrador after the visit to Mexico by Santiago Abascal, leader of the Spanish far-right party.

In this regard, the PAN senator dedicated to López Obrador a few words from the philosopher Aristotle: “Virtue is an acquired voluntary disposition, which consists of a middle ground between two bad extremes, one by excess and the other by default.”

After Lilly Téllez’s dedication to the President, the deputy Gerardo Fernández Noroña He took up a message on social networks from a user, who dedicated a Plato quote to the senator.

“I share another phrase: ‘Rome pays, but despises traitors,” wrote Fernández Noroña.

“Better remove your towel photo from the nets,” Lilly Téllez responds to Fernández Noroña

In recent days, the Sonoran senator recalled the controversy photo on bath towel published by the PT legislator and asked him to erase it after Fernández Noroña demanded that Téllez resign due to his meeting with Santiago Abascal.

The PT legislator accused the ex-morenista of admitting that it was a mistake to be a candidate of that party before becoming part of the PAN bench, which is why he asked her to resign in the Senate.

However, Lilly Tellez limited herself to responding ironically and asking Fernández Noroña to delete her photograph in a towel, which was uploaded in January 2020.

“Help prevent visual contamination,” Téllez wrote.

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