Fernndez with Juan Manzur and Osvaldo Jaldo. Photo: Presidency Press.

The President Alberto Fernndez called this Monday the unit of the Frente de Todos (FdT) and he criticized the opposition of Together for Change for “proposing the same remedies as always, which until today we are paying,” in reference to the debt contracted by the Government of Mauricio Macri with the IMF.

From Tucumn, where he led an act of the FdT together with the Chief of Staff, Juan Manzur, and other officials, the president proposed that “Those who now say they have all the solutions left us planted with a debt of 19 billion dollars.”

In his speech, Fernndez said that for Argentine society “a terrible and very difficult time is ending, which fills us with sorrow and pain”, in reference to the coronavirus pandemic, and pointed out that the health emergency “postponed many of the aspirations that we had on December 10, 2019 “, when the management of the FdT began.

“If we have this meeting today it is because we are immunized”said the president, highlighting the vaccination plan launched by the national government, which he defined as the “beginning of the future.”

The president contrasted the progress of his administration with the attitude of Macri, who is “toasting with the creditors” in Miami and with the “irresponsible person who contracted the debt we contracted”, in reference to the former Minister of Economy of the management of Cambiemos Nicols Dujovne.

Fernandez called for the unit and criticized the opposition proposing the “same old remedies.”

On this point, he criticized JxC for “proposing as a way out the same remedies as always, which until today we are paying for”, and reiterating that “those who now say they have all the solutions left us planted a debt of 19 billion dollars “.

“I ask that we understand what is in dispute, we have come to propose a country for everyone, not for some”exclaimed the head of state from the San Miguel de Tucumn racecourse.

He also ratified his objective of exchanging social plans for genuine work and affirmed that “it will not stop” until in Argentina “everyone has a place to earn their daily living with dignity. It is not true that someone is happy with a social plan,” he pointed out. .

About the end of his speech, Fernndez reiterated his intention to “end the time of discord and disputes” and he asked the FdT militancy to “convince those who do not think like us,” by warning that in Argentina “no one is superfluous and we all need it.”

“Unfortunately the pandemic arrived and that helped many to deepen the rift again, but with the rift the only life is worse and the Argentines are postponed”, reason.

The President also recognized Manzur and his successor at the head of the Tucumn government, Osvaldo Jaldo, for having sealed the unity within the FdT after having faced each other in the PASO in September.

Jaldo, who is the deputy governor and had lost in the primaries against the list of the provincial president, assumed in the Executive Power by the appointment of Manzur as head of the National Government’s Cabinet.

Precisely, in his speech, Manzur stressed that “the internal elections are over and today Peronism is more united than ever.”

“Let’s start walking this path on November 14,” Manzur said about the legislative elections and, addressing the President, he exclaimed: “Don’t let me down, Alberto, the votes that are needed are given by Tucumn.”

Jaldo had previously expressed himself in the same vein, warning that “the differences are over” in Tucuman Peronism.

Before the event, the President had attended the start-up of a regional confectionery factory and had toured a sausage production plant.


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