Daniel Craig is a feminist and with him we have the end of the Bond Girl thanks, revealed Bond Woman Leah Seydoux during an interview.

Apple’s recently released James Bond special once again highlighted how controversial the casting of Daniel Craig was at the time.

Daniel Craig als James Bond

Things like his hair color alone caused the tabloids to burn the actor down before he could even prove himself. Add to that a slightly blunt attitude during interviews, not Craig’s favorite hobby, and you have a situation where the Brit was already 2-0 down.

Fortunately, the first images of his James Bond quickly changed that. It is evident that Craig has changed the iconic role for good after decades. Just the more serious version he has put down, the more grim tone, is a world of difference from the films with Pierce Brosnan.

From Bond Girl to Bond Woman

During interviews, however, his co-stars also highlight a different aspect that we owe to Daniel Craig. No Time To Dieactress Lea Seydoux was a guest on Good Morning America, an American talk show, last weekend.

She plays Dr. Madeleine Swann, the love interest of Bond in the new movie. Normally we would immediately give her a Bond Girl mentioned, but according to Seydoux that term is obsolete.

As for her, we call Swann a “Bond Woman“. According to the 36-year-old actress, Madeleine Swann is “quite unexpected for a Bond Girl because she’s not here to please James Bond. This time she is a real woman with depth and vulnerability, something that is quite new for a Bond Woman.”

Craig als feminist

We owe that change largely to Daniel Craig, Seydoux emphasized.

“I think in a way I can thank Daniel for being a feminist,” she said, “and it’s thanks to him that the female characters have changed so much. It was time to have stronger female characters now, so I’m very happy about that.”

Now we switch to Craig himself, because the Bond actor happened to bring up the same topic to Entertainment Weekly last week.

Bond Girls no longer exist

The film star was asked during a light-hearted interview in which area he constantly corrects people when it comes to the James Bond franchise. His answer? “Bond Girls.”

In fact, he was very clear about Bond Girls’ role in the films: “None Bond Girls more. They no longer exist. They may come back someday, but not in my movies.”

Lea Seydoux’s comments are therefore not exaggerated. It was Craig himself who wanted to enlist Phoebe Waller-Bridge to write the script of No Time to Die to improve, with a specific focus on the female characters. No more flat characters, but complex roles that say goodbye to the classic ones Bond Girl-clichés.

Whether the franchise will keep up with the next films, is a matter of waiting. But at least Daniel Craig has clearly left his mark on the evolution of the franchise.


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