Felipe VI proposes Núñez Feijóo as a candidate for investiture

Felipe VI proposes Núñez Feijóo as a candidate for investiture

The round of contacts comes to an end. King Felipe VI, after meeting with the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal and with Pedro Sánchez (PSOE), it was the turn of Alberto Núñez Feijóo (PP). Finally, Galician is the candidate proposed by the monarch for the investiture, despite the fact that, like Sánchez, he does not have the necessary support to be appointed Prime Minister. After the meeting he wanted to thank the three parties that have supported him (UPN, CC y Vox), especially to the green formation due to the weight of the 33 deputies that they carry and that it has been a “support without demands”. In addition, the popular has stressed that, whatever the head of state decides, will abide by it.

“I want to announce to all Spaniards that I have shown the King My willingness to be a candidate for the investiture as President of the Government, if the Head of State considers it so,” he said. “I would accept him in the first place with honor, secondly, with loyalty to the nation and with loyalty to the constitutional monarchy and aware of the responsibility we live at this time“, he stressed.

Feijóo assured that it is “aware of the responsibility it entails” the commission and the difficulty of obtaining sufficient support to become President of the Government. In this sense, he announced that if he received the order from the head of state, he would begin contacts with other political forces next Monday and asked for time to forge agreements.

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Therefore, the scenario of urgency in setting the investiture session in the event that the candidate is Feijóo is removed because “time will be needed to talk to the groups and forcing a candidate to speak to the parties in hours or days would mean starting in an unequal situation compared to other candidates with more time”. Rey will entrust him with the formation of the Government as a second option.

The leader of the PP appeared at the Palacio de la Zarzuela knowing that those of Abascal will support him after abandoning him at the Congress Table, which will be chaired by Francina Armengol during the recently inaugurated XV Legislature.

At the moment, and due to the lack of presence of the nationalists in the independentistas, the popular candidate comes out with more explicit endorsements of the round of consultations than the Socialists, who have only been supported by Sumar. The rest are conditional supports.

At the moment, it has the support of Vox, the Canary Islands Coalition and UPN; which places Feijóo only 4 supports from the majority (176).

democratic relationship

With Vox, he said, “We have a relationship of democratic normality” and although he acknowledged “discrepancies and misunderstandings”, he revealed that he has spoken with his leader, Santiago Abascal, and “we have clarified the misunderstandings and discussed the discrepancies.”

I want to acknowledge your undemanding support.only conditioned to Spain recovering the independence of its institutions, the equality of all its citizens and the censorship of the impositions of minorities”, he thanked.

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The president of the PP regretted that “There are parties that have not attended the consultations”in reference to ERC, Junts, EH Bildu and BNG, and said that with their absence “they make it clear that they do not respect the institutions and that They don’t care about the governance of Spain”for which reason it concluded that “it will be bad for us if we have a government that is based on them.”

The Galician politician has also highlighted his distance from the PSOE, whose potential pro-independence allies keep their demands on the table and They haven’t even been to the Zarzuela Palace to report their plans. “The Socialist Party is at a distance from an amnesty, from an independence referendum and from making inequality between Spaniards official,” he criticized.

investiture session

After this choice, there will be five working days to form the parliamentary groups, which must be ratified by the Congress Table and form the Board of Spokespersons, distributing the seats of the Lower House. From there you can convene plenary sessions in Congress.

so, for end of August or beginning of September the investiture session may be called. First, the investiture debate takes place and, later, the vote. In the vote, the candidate proposed to become the President of the Government must obtain an absolute majority in the first ballot and, if not, there will be a second vote in which it will be valid with a simple majority.


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