Feijóo rejects the pension reform for damaging workers and companies

Feijóo rejects the pension reform for damaging workers and companies

The president of the Popular Party will propose tomorrow Monday to the National Executive Committee the appointment of Carmen Fnez as the party’s new vice-secretary for Social Policies and Demographic Challenge, which will create two new vice-secretaries.

The president of the PPP, Alberto Nez Feijo, has rejected the pension reform of the Government of Pedro Sanchez considering that “the workers, the self-employed, SMEs and consumers are going to pay” and that their viability is not guaranteed.

Nez Feijo, in an interview with El Espaol, regretted that heThe Government has promoted the reform without showing “not a single piece of paper” to the PP and without the consensus of the businessmen. “It already seems meritorious to them to have reached an agreement within the Government. This is how it goes,” he has remonstrated.

The reform, he has remarked, “He is going to punish the workers once again so that the Government collects more and more, because it is a tax on talent, training and competitiveness” that will harm exports and competitiveness.

In the opinion of the leader of the PP, “If 1.7 million jobs are not created, the pension system is unsustainable.”

Regarding the government’s criticism of railway for moving its headquarters to the Netherlands, Nez Feijo has pointed out that these attacks cause “enormous insecurity” among large companies and “an international discredit”.

“That Sánchez is the most ‘hooligan’ of the entire government, pointing out and disqualifying the president of a company as unpatriotic is something that we have to put an end to. It is necessary to open a period in which the investment is well received, which has incentives and facilities. If they have a problem, we sit down with them and look for solutions,” he proposed, according to the Efe agency.

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As for the bill that will guarantee parity in governments and in the management of large companiesNez Feijo has considered “more important” to reduce the number of ministers and restore “the dignity of women who have been assaulted or raped” than to have a parity government.

“This government has lost a lot of legitimacy to talk about parity”has added the leader of the opposition.

has ensured that the PP “apologies” for “the errors and crimes” committed by previous leaders already “tried and convicted” for cases of corruption and has demanded that Sánchez clarify the Mediator case and apologize for the cases that have affected the PSOE.

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