Feijóo opens campaign in Extremadura appealing to the useful vote to end the “excesses of sanchismo”

Feijóo opens campaign in Extremadura appealing to the useful vote to end the “excesses of sanchismo”

Feijóo, Guardiola and Cienfuegos in the pasting of PP posters in Montijo (EP)
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The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has started the campaign for the 28M elections in Badajoz appealing to the helpful vote the Popular Party as the only formula to repeal the «excesses of sanchismo» which, according to what he said, are «endless». After assuring that “everyone” fits in the PP, he stressed that only his party’s ballot represents “serene and calm change.”

«Neither Sánchez nor Sánchez’s candidates deserve the support of the Spanish and that sanchismo continue in force. For this reason, serene change requires putting common sense to nonsense, demands calm reforms in the face of chaos and demands unity in the face of division”, Feijóo declared in an act together with the candidate for the Presidency of the Extremadura joint, Maria Guardiolaand the candidate for mayor of badajoz, Ignacio Grajera.

Before some 1,200 party members, Feijóo warned that “the only formula for the PP to govern is to vote for the PP because the rest is not safe.” «If the Spaniards want to continue the same, there are dozens of ballots. If the Spanish want to change, only one, that of the PP. that’s the change
serene and calm”, emphasized the president of the popularwho has stressed that there are “endless reasons” to “repeal sanchismo”, which is “chaos”.

excesses of sanchismo

Immediately afterwards, he has listed the reasons for “repealing sanchismo”, starting with the law of only yes is yeswhich has reduced the sentences to “more than 1,000 rapists” or the fact that Sánchez’s PSOE “benefits the corrupt” after lowering the crime of embezzlement, alluding to the case of the ERE and the “use of 700 million euros of public money for the benefit of the Socialist Party of Andalusia”.

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He has also accused the Government of legislating to “encourage illegal occupation of homes», of «indebting» the Spanish «up to the eyebrows» and of approving the Animal Welfare Law that «punishes animal violence more than gender violence». “I could go on because the excesses of sanchismo are frankly endless,” he has proclaimed.

Later, he emphasized the Bildu litas with members of ETA and considered an insult to Spanish democracy, the Police, the Civil Guard, the thousands of victims and the dignity of our country, which collect take in your lists to 44 terrorists y seven condemned for blood crimes. “For this reason alone, no socialist could give support to the PSOE of Extremadura”, he exclaimed, to ask the voters of the Socialist Party be “consistent” at the polls this May 28 and “vote conscientiously.”


The leader of the PP has starred in the anecdotal note of the meeting with the voters, raising the smiles of the Extremadurans who had come to listen to him. “Friends, I end with the word illusion because that is what I perceive every time I come to Andalusia and I want to tell you that on May 28…”, Feijóo said, confusing Extremadura with Andalusia, a lapse typical of politicians when they find themselves immersed in this type of electoral campaign, such as the one that began this Thursday. Feijóo, who has been immediately corrected by the public with laughter, has continued, causing the applause of the attendees: «But, what have you noticed? I was thinking that I have been talking for a long time, because they have not realized what I am saying ».

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After this act, Feijóo traveled to the town of Montijo, where he has participated in the traditional pasting of posters at the start of the electoral campaign. Along with Feijóo were the president of the PP of Extremadura and candidate for the Presidency of the Board, Maria Guardiolaand the PP candidate for Mayor of Montijo, Javier Cienfuegos.

After putting up the posters, Feijóo has highlighted that “the electoral campaign is not only carried out by the leaders in the big events, but by the entire PP in every corner,” he said in a message on Twitter.

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