Feijóo links Yolanda Díaz's project with the “usual populism”: “It has nothing to offer”

Feijóo links Yolanda Díaz's project with the “usual populism”: “It has nothing to offer”

Tension between Sumar and Podemos


The leader of the PP relates the “space” of the vice president with the previous marks of the alternative left and predicts its failure at the polls

Feijo, this Saturday in Zaragoza.
Feijo, this Saturday in Zaragoza.J. OnionEFE

The launch of Yolanda Díaz as Sumar’s candidate and the absence of Podemos in the officialization act mark the political agenda this weekend and capture the attention even of formations that have nothing to do with the alternative left. The president of the Popular Party, Alberto Nez Feijo, this Saturday related the new political “space” of Díaz with “the usual populism” and predicted a failure of the brand with which the second vice president of the Government will seek to transcend the purple in the December general elections.

“When I had not yet decided to join the PP, those who say that now they are a space were already militant in the same party that now changes its name,” Feijo said without explicitly mentioning Díaz, in a clear allusion to the long political career of the PP. Minister of Labor in the different structures of the formations to the left of the PSOE in the last 25 years.

“Do you know why they have to constantly change their names?” asked the leader of the opposition. “Because they have nothing to offer the people”, so he predicted that, despite the change of skin and identity, Sumar will not even have the support at the polls that Podemos has had or the previous political brands of which proceeds Daz, as IU or the PCE. For this reason they are forced, he said, to change their name “every four years.”

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Parallel to the words of the president popularPodemos increased the pressure on the vice president and urged her to sign a declaration this same Saturday that would guarantee the primary conditions that the purple they demand. If not, the fracture between Yolanda Díaz and Podemos will be the main protagonist of the presentation of her candidacy with Sumar, convened for this Sunday in Madrid as the starting gun for the polls.

“The more well-known they are, the less they vote for,” Feijo stressed to justify the new format with which the second vice president of the Executive plans to represent the space to the left of the socialists. Faced with the populist parties, those who were constitutionalists but have replaced their roadmap with the one dictated by the nationalist formations – he said, referring to the PSOE – and those who claim to be like the PP but then “directly or indirectly benefit the PSOE “-a dart to Vox-, Feijo said that “the only real guarantee of change” in Spain at the moment is the PP proposal.

“We’ll be better in a year”

This is how the leader expressed himself popular from Zaragozaaccompanied by the mayor of the city and regional candidate in Aragon on May 28, Jorge Azcon. Also for the candidate for mayor of Zaragoza, Natalia Chueca. Both institutions, the Government of Arachn and the Zaragoza City Council, are two important objectives on the PP’s agenda in the territorial and local elections. The popular They aspire to revalidate the mayoralty of the Aragonese capital and take advantage of Azcn’s pull as mayor of Zaragoza to oust Javier Lambn at the regional level, a defeat that would be tough for the PSOE at the national level.

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At the event, the PP celebrated the first anniversary of Feijo’s arrival in Genoa and thanked the “anonymous militancy” for its boost at an organic level. Nearly 12,000 people have joined the PP in the last twelve months, according to data provided by the formation itself, and this is also a sign, they believe in the party, of the “widening” that Feijo’s project is assuming.

In fact, both the president of the party and Azcn stressed that this is what Aragn needs at this time in the face of the quadripartite and the little stability that the Lambn government offers in the territory. For now, the polls reflect a technical tie between the right and the left, so the position of Teruel Exists would be the key that would determine the future of the regional Executive.

“Today the PP is better than a year ago. I assume the commitment that Spain will be better in a year than today,” said Feijo by way of summary of his first year at the wheel of the main opposition party, in relation to the serious crisis – “the worst that the PP has experienced”, defined Azcn for his part – experienced in the heart of the formation in February 2022, which unleashed the internal war of the leadership with Isabel Díaz Ayuso and ended with the fall of paul married and his right hand in Genoa, Teodoro Garcia Egea.

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