According to the head of the board of directors of “Spartak”, he was misled on two points of the additional agreement with the ex-general director of the club. The former top manager is trying to sue compensation in 400 million rubles.

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The chairman of the board of directors of Spartak Leonid Fedun sent to the Moscow Arbitration Court, which is considering the multimillion-dollar claim of Capital Assets against the club, a written appeal concerning the employment contract with the former general director Shamil Gazizov. This was reported by the RIA Novosti correspondent from the court session, at which the text of the document was announced.

Now the Moscow “Spartak” is engaged in several litigations at once. The first of them – with Gazizov (place of proceedings – Ufa, at the place of residence of the plaintiff). The former general director of the club is seeking payment of 400 million rubles. as a severance pay under a supplementary agreement to the employment contract. The second claim is being considered by the Moscow Arbitration Court. It was submitted to the football club by its shareholder Capital Assets JSC.

“Additional agreement (with Gazizov. – RBK) was signed by me as the chairman of the board of directors due to the fact that I was misled on two points of the employment contract, ”Fedun said in his appeal to the arbitration court.

To the clarifying question of the judge, who exactly misled Fedun, the representative of “Spartak” refused to answer. “I cannot explain for the third party. His right to submit written statements to the court, ”he said.

RBC turned to Leonid Fedun for clarification, but he declined to comment. “All questions are for lawyers, I have limitations,” he said.

Lawyer Tatyana Zavyalova, representing the interests of “Spartak”, in an interview with reporters suggested that Fedun could be misled by Gazizov himself. And this happened, most likely, at the signing of an additional agreement to terminate the contract, RIA Novosti notes.

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Earlier in June, the former general director of Spartak Shamil Gazizov won a court against the club to recover the severance pay, interest and compensation for moral damage. Gazizov explained his requirements for the club by an additional agreement to the employment contract, according to which he was entitled to a severance pay of 399.2 million rubles. According to Gazizov, he was paid only the first payment in the amount of 99.8 million rubles. Spartak has filed an appeal against the court’s decision.

In March this year, one of Spartak’s shareholders – Capital Assets (the company owns 22% of Spartak’s shares) – filed a lawsuit against the club for 88.3 million rubles. According to Sport24, Capital Assets are trying to invalidate the decision of the board of directors, which delegated to Fedun the authority to determine at his own discretion the terms of termination of the employment contract with Gazizov.

During the hearing on Gazizov’s claim, Spartak representatives asked to suspend the consideration of the case pending a decision on the Capital Assets claim. However, the request was rejected.

Until the summer of 2020, Shamil Gazizov held the post of general director of Ufa, after which he moved to a similar position at Spartak. In the Moscow club, he worked only until December last year, after which he left the club. Later he returned to “Ufa”.

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