Fedor Smolov returned to Dynamo in the style of Harry Potter

The club released a “magic” video about their player’s comeback.

Fedor Smolov. Photo: Global Look Press

On January 12, it became known that the former lover of Victoria Lopyreva, football player Fedor Smolov, returned to the Dynamo Moscow club, where he once began his adult career.

The 31-year-old athlete played for Dynamo in 2007-2015, but then fate pretty much shook him to other clubs. And so Fedor returned to his native land, one might say. In the club itself, this comeback was also considered a significant event. And they released a special video about the return of the player.

It is curious that the video is made in the spirit of the recently released special episode “Harry Potter 20 Years Later: Return to Hogwarts”. It is called “Fyodor Smolov. Return to Dynamo. 7 Years Later” has the same music and fairy tale elements.

On the video, a football player walks through the station, receives a coveted letter with a seal from an owl, approaches a magic platform, passes through a column and finds himself at a Moscow stadium, where they are already waiting for him. Magic, in a word.

“Super video! Welcome back, Fedor!”, “We sincerely, we are waiting on the field”, “The video is top, it remains to wait for the same game!”, “Fedor, let’s hope for your “magic wands,” the fans write in the comments.

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