A few days after the release of the new album Inhuman, Fedez is told exclusively to Vanity Fair in an unfiltered dialogue with Enrico Mentana. The cover portrays him in front of a multi-screen, a symbol of the battles, of the thousand provocations and messages that the most talked about artist of the moment constantly launches from his social platforms. «All the causes that I have embraced have been considered by those who do not like my way of acting only as pretexts to monetize. But to those who criticize me I answer with facts: 10 million euros raised for intensive care and for show business workers. Then I’ll ask you a question: do you know Diego, that boy saved in intensive care at San Raffaele thanks to the lung transplant? Do you think he could give a damn if the collection that allowed him to save his life was promoted by Fedez and Chiara Ferragni? ».

In an all-round confrontation, Fedez also talks about the great response of Italian politics to the launch of his latest album. “At a time when newspapers and political parties fail to grasp the blatant irony, everything that has happened is a symptom of weak politics. When politics is strong, it knows how to be fooled. I see intellectuals who still run to try to crush those outside their circle and journalists who have to demean those who come from the internet. A name I admire? Marco Cappato. A man who manages to be relevant outside the building. He makes me hope, at least he is one who does ».

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The interview with Enrico Mentana is not the only way in which Vanity Fair has decided to tell Fedez. In an innovative project that continues the magazine’s path in NFT tecnologia, the weekly will bring its community to the Boomer’s Lair, the artist’s creative refugea, virtually rebuilt thanks to the Swiss start-up Valuart. Thanks to an innovative “reality capture” technology, La Tana becomes a virtual temporary art gallery that presents to the public the works of Skygolpe, Fabio Giampietro and Max Papeschi, three great Italian creatives engaged in the world of NFT and Crypto Art international.


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