Federico Martin Aramburu’s murder: “if he could, he would have killed him with his fists”, a witness recounts the fight that preceded the murder

In the columns of the Team, a local resident who witnessed the fight between the former rugby player and Loïk Le Priol gives details that send shivers down your spine.

More than two weeks after the tragedy, he claims to have redone the script “25,000 times in his head”. This Tuesday, a witness to the fight that preceded the murder of Federico Martin Aramburu delivered to The Team the story of the altercation which took place on March 19 between the former rugby player (accompanied by his partner Shaun Hegarty) and the duo Loïk Le Priol-Romain Bouvier, the two men suspected of the crime.

“That morning, I was sleeping. Despite the double glazing, I was woken up by screams and insults. My first instinct was to go and see. It was around 5:55 a.m., (which was corroborated by CCTV footage). Despite the hour, there are many people at the windows, which testifies to the stage violence. It’s so violent, determined, and the man on the ground doesn’t react so much, that for a fraction of a second, I tell myself that he must have screwed up and that he ‘accepts’ to take a beating”.

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“Fights, I’ve seen some, but this is weird, it’s the first time I had the feeling that it could go further”

”He tries to go back, he keeps shouting insults, but he’s prevented by someone I haven’t identified. I’m sure if he could have gone back he would have gone back, I think if he could have killed him with his fists he would have killed him with his fists. He was yelling ‘Your mother the whore!’ He (Federico Aramburu) has just been screwed and does not even try to return the blows. He didn’t want to fight, Of course not. It’s very subjective, but now that I know the profile of the protagonists, I think they went after Aramburu because Hegarty scared them too much. It’s a wardrobe!”

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More than 15 days after this night of horror, the local resident explains that he wants to testify because a tragedy of this kind must never happen again. “Nobody talks about this fight, it was short but super violent. He tried to take something out of his pocket several times! I wanted to scream, I didn’t. I said to myself, ‘They going to take me for a psycho. I said to myself at worst, it’s a knife. Fights, I’ve seen some, but this is weird, it’s the first time I had the feeling that it could go further, add the neighbor. It seemed so determined. No one seemed able to calm him down.”

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