Federico Fashion Style gay, his wife finally reveals the truth: “Enough, now I’m talking …”

With his participation in Dancing with the Stars the notoriety of Federico Fashion Style, aka Federico Lauri, who made a lot of talk about himself with his participation in the talent of Milly Carlucci for the constant insinuations of the jurors about his sexual orientation. Not turning around the topic several times, the VIP hairsyilist stressed that even in everyday life he finds himself pointed at for his eccentric way of dressing. In fact, he specified that it is not the first time that his orientation has become a matter of discussion, as happened to Dancing with the Stars.

“I also go dressed like this on the street. Of course it happens that someone at 10 in the morning tells me ‘look here this is definitely gay’. But now I don’t even listen to these subjects. Because it’s not that if someone wears sequins it means they’re not straight. We are free to wear what we like best. Not because one dresses like that has to have a different orientation, or it has to be labeled for someone which is not […]. I feel good like this and I don’t care about the judgments of others. Having said that, I’m straight and I have nothing to hide “ – explained Federico Lauri.

The words of Federico Fashion Style’s wife

The issue of his sexuality was also addressed by his wife, Letizia Porcu who made him the child’s father Sophie Maelle. Federico Fashion Style faced a painful journey to have his daughter born in 2017, due to a pathology that has a negative impact on sexuality. Letizia venting out on the pages of the weekly Vero made her voice heard: “Anyone who questions Federico’s sexual identity is missing respect first of all to me. I do not tolerate these malignancies, we have faced a hard path to have our beautiful baby girl […] Being his wife is very demanding ”.

Federico Fashion Style with his wife Letizia Porcu

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For years, with Federico Fashion Style there is Letizia who has decided to support him also at work and has given him the joy of becoming a father, an experience that for the hair specialist was very painful: “Yes, is it true that we had our baby girl with assisted fertilization? But that doesn’t mean anything at all. This is related to my health problem and nothing else. I’m straight ”.

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